2012 Summer Work Camp Location – 11/10/11 update

The first two weeks of the 2012 Life Builders Summer Youth Work Camp will be in Concord, North Carolina. This location has been set for a few months now. The main focus will be poverty relief in the area.

Now, the other three weeks, work is being done to secure a location which is focused on natural disaster relief. Contacts have been made with people in North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Nothing can be announced with any of these states. The issues that are arising involve waiting on FEMA to make some decisions, local people are not fully set for people to come and help, or they are checking to see what might be their situation by next summer.
So, work is being done. Hope to announce a location by the end of 2011, if not earlier. As promised, the location will be within a days drive from Harrisburg, PA.

One final note.  The last week, July 15, may fill up soon.  If that is the week you would like to attend, be sure to reserve your week soon.  And now you can do so on-line.  Go to http://bit.ly/tlHvgX to register your group for your week of choice.