Life Builders Work Camp – Wednesday – Thursday (7/20-22, 2011)


Wednesday was both a productive day and an enjoyable one. As usual, Wednesday was a half-day for the whole camp. Both groups made the most of the morning at work. The group from Salem got the satisfaction of nailing on the last strip of siding on one side of a three-story house. After lunch, the groups headed out to Randolph Park where the county has been exceedingly generous with us, allowing our whole group to use the pool for free! Everyone had a great time! But the fun didn’t end there. Again, we were shown generosity in the form of free tickets to a Pulaski Mariners baseball game at home! It was beautiful (if a bit toasty) evening, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


            Thursday was a scorcher, but another productive day. The groups kept up their efforts despite the heat. They were rewarded with a special break around noon. One of the leaders from Indian Valley was celebrating a birthday. The other leaders from the group arranged for a birthday cake to be brought to their site as a surprise, and they invited everyone from the other work sites to join them. It was a delicious and well-deserved break!

Sometime after lunch, Salem sent a group of men over to a construction project LifeBuilders began when it first arrived in Pulaski. There the men adjusted and placed trusses for a new roof.

Thursday night was a meaningful night for many, especially those from Indian Valley. Devotions were emotional and moving. It proved to be a memorable bonding experience for those involved.


            Friday was, once again, excessively hot, yet good spirits and strong work ethic prevailed, and the groups were still productive. To prevent heat exhaustion and to make Saturday a little easier, the groups came back to the school early to help the staff pack and clean up for the summer. Then they were treated to another afternoon at Randolph Park before the Friday evening closing gathering and ice cream social.

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Life Builders Work Camp – Monday & Tuesday (7/17-18, 2011)

This week, the final week of work camp, started off with a different flavor from the others. The group this week is smaller and is new to Life Builders. The two church groups from Pennsylvania (Indian Valley from Harleysville and Salem United Brethren from Chambersburg) that made up the week’s workforce hit it off right from the start. It was really neat to see the way the groups intermingled and enjoyed each other’s company already on Sunday evening (it also made difficult for those of us on staff to remember who went to which church, at the beginning)!
On Monday, everyone headed out to their work sites. Initially, the group was split between three sites. Indian Valley had groups working at two brush removal sites and Salem was assigned to a home repair/construction project. All summer, we’ve had people working at these brush removal sites, but the people working there this week face a new challenge. In previous weeks, brush was cleared from the more level or low to medium grade sloped sections of the lots. Now that that has been cleared, this week’s group can get into the steeply sloped parts. The workers have risen to the challenge, securing ropes around stumps or sturdy roots high on the hill, pulling themselves up and combating the dangers of loose soil.
We added a fourth site on Tuesday. Some more of Indian Valley’s group split off to a demolition site started in a previous week. There people removed debris, filling up a dumpster. Then came the back-breaking work of pulling up the old floor.

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