2010 Young Adult Spring Service Camp – Wrap-up post

On Friday most of the group returned to the work site.  They continued to work on items from the day before and wrap things up to leave the site.  All but one row of X bracing was completed.  The foundation got an application of tar to keep out any water from leaking into the building.  And some more spots got rock board put over spots of OSB board.

A small group stayed at the housing facility to clean up and pack various items for traveling  back to PA.

The groups decided that about 1:00 pm they wanted to wrap up and try to head home Friday afternoon and evening, instead of Saturday.  So when they got back to the housing facility, lunch was eaten, many showered, and then held a final gathering time.

About mid-afternoon all were ready to head on their way home.

Overall, those who attended enjoy their Spring Break serving others.   Soon plans and more information for the 2011 Young Adult Service Camp will be announced.

To view pictures from the week, go to http://bit.ly/9URXRb.


2010 Young Adult Spring Service Camp – Thursday posting

Wednesday morning didn’t seem to be so hard getting up and going.  After breakfast it was back to the work site.  The guys working on the X braces were still working on that project.  They are putting X braces up in an area of 30 by 40, so it is taking some time to finish the task.

Others were digging down to the footer of the building.  The goal is to get low enough in order to put mortar around the bottom as another preventative method to keep water out from the building.  They also painted seal locker on the building to assist in keeping the water out.

Another group was working on building a set of stairs to the second floor.  And others were putting rock board up on top of OSB board around the outside of the building.

Work was still being done in a house on the property.  The basement was the focus now.  There was the need to remove water that had settled as well as get rid of a dog smell.

In the evening, at the gathering time, a discussion continued about motivation.  Discussion focused upon why did they choose to attend a Christian College and why did they choose to be a Christian.  The group was left with the question of “if there were no heaven or hell, would you still choose to believe in God?”

Thursday, was another slow day to get up and get going.  Some stayed up late to play a strategy game, thus it was difficult to get up and get going.  Eventually, it was off to the work site.  Many of the tasks that were being tackled on Wednesday were still being tackled on Thursday.

At the group’s request, we shortened the work day, which meant having our gathering time at lunch and then cleaning up the work site early.  At the gathering time, thoughts to the question from Wednesday were discussed.

After cleaning up, some people went for a hike, others went to Charleston, WV, and a few others stayed at the housing facility for some rest.

Because of it being basketball’s March Madness, some wanted to watch the games.  A few people were able to connect a laptop to a video projector and sound system to watch the games over wifi.

You can see pictures of the week at http://bit.ly/9URXRb.

2010 Young Adult Spring Service Camp – Tuesday posting

Sunday, March 14, everyone arrived for the Spring Service Trip in West Virginia.  After unpacking, getting acquainted with the housing facility, and having supper, all attendees gathered for a brief meeting and introduction to the spiritual discussion for the week’s gathering times.  Following that, some people played games while others took time to get to know other people.  Eventually it was time to go off to bed.

Monday morning, after breakfast, there was the usual Monday Morning Momentum of being excited to get to the job site, however time was needed to get familiar with the work, what was needed to be done, gathering tools and necessary materials.  Eventually work was begun, with a break for lunch.  At the end of the day it was back to the housing facility for supper, showers and a gathering time.  The topic for the evening was soul.  A discussion was held about the difference between a Christian’s soul and that of a non-believer.  Then again there was time to hang out, play games, watch a movie, etc.

After a struggle to wake up and deciding what to have for breakfast it was off to the work site.  Over the two days the following work was tackled: installing X beams, sleepers, insulation, drywall nailers, stair stringer, electrical outlets and light switches; cleaning walls and carpeting of a house; framing a few walls; digging around a building; removing the dirt from the outside walls, and then putting sealer on those walls to prevent water from entering the building.

Following supper and showering the group gathered for worship and a time of spiritual focus.  The focus of Tuesday evening was the heart and discussing our motivations and desires and how do we make certain they are God’s motivations and desires, as opposed to our own.

You can see pictures of the work done on Tuesday at http://bit.ly/9URXRb.

Getting ready for College Work Camp

We are getting ready for a week of college work camp starting on March 14. There will be a group from Lancaster Bible College and Messiah college this year. It should be an enriching time of serving and growing in relastionship with Jesus and others through out the week. Be sure to check back during that week for blog updates (if Internet access is available) as well as pictures.