Life Builders 2009 (July 1)

Today was a half day of work, so most groups did something fun and enjoyable in the afternoon.  Some people went whitewater rafting, some people went swimming, and some went to a state park.  Meanwhile, in the morning work was still being done.  Here’s a summary of the work sites for this week.  Hilltop is still the largest job site, as it was last week.  The majority of Covenant Presbyterian, the largest group for this week, is stationed at Hilltop.  Their tasks include things such as moving building materials, framing houses, flooring, and landscaping.  The SALS Dorm is also still a major job site this week, as it is being rushed to meet deadlines.  Lighthouse Baptist Church is the primary crew there, although Grace Community Church is also there for some of the week.  Jobs include installing a drop ceiling and tile floor, hanging doors, resizing closets, and building stoops and handicap ramps.  Another SALS site is William’s House, where Honey Brook Presbyterian and Windsor Baptist churches are stationed.  Significant progress is being made, and jobs there include drywalling, flooring, and insulating the crawlspace beneath the house.  Louise’s house is another site this week.  There is significant water damage in the bathroom, so tasks there include plumbing and replacing the floor and floor joists.  Several members of Covenant are working there.  Finally, there are several sites around Gauley Bridge.  At the Asbury house, the old asphalt siding is being pulled off, and new wooden siding is being put on and painted.  The remainder of Covenant occupies this site.  There are also three painting sites around town, including Dave’s house, the elementary school, and the high school.  These sites are occupied by Honey Brook Presbyterian, Windsor Baptist, and Grace Community.


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