Life Builders 2009 (June 29)

The theme for this summer’s mission work camps is Get S.M.A.R.T.  Each letter in the word SMART represents a comparison.  S stands for Service vs. Self, M refers to  Miracle vs. Myth, A is for Attitude vs. Assumption, R stands for Receive vs. Resist, and T refers for To conform and To Transform.   Each night at the worship service the speaker touches on a different letter.  This week the speaker is Jason Hummel and he is directing his lessons and the S.M.A.R.T. theme towards being the underdog.  He discusses how we as Christian’s are underdogs but how God uses the underdogs to do great things.  Last week the speaker was Jeff Berger and he focused the theme more towards Peter’s interaction with Jesus.  One of the nights Jeff had a very hands on lesson which was held in the gym area.  The whole group was offered the opportunity to travel to different stations and experience, to some extent, just a few of the miracles that Jesus did on his time on earth. 

Also at the services we have a time of worship where the group is lead in praise and worship songs.  Phil Rude is a student at Bloomsburg University where he plays for Campus Crusade which is a campus ministry at his school.  Last week Phil led the group each night in worship songs.  This week it is Covenant Presbyterian who is one of the groups attending this week. 

Next week we will be hearing from Doc Maddison, who is a school teacher near Philadelphia and lives in New Jersey.  We will also be led in worship by Dan Lenko, who is a student at Eastern University and leads worship at his church, Trinity E.C. Boyertown.  We look forward to hearing from them in the coming week as we continue with our Get S.M.A.R.T.  theme.


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