Life Builders 2009 (June 24)

I think that everyone looks forward to Wednesdays, because Wednesday everyone has the afternoon off to do whatever they want to do. This morning we had our worship service at 8 in the morning instead of in the evening and then the campers went out for a few short hours at their work sites.

Some of the things the groups did today include going to the Summersville Park, taking white water rafting trips, and doing some hiking in the many wooded areas around here.


Life Builders 2009 (June 23)

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday June 23, and our second day of work here in Gauley Bridge West Virginia.  This week we have nine churches’ here working, totaling 180 people.  The churches’ attending are Christ Lutheran Niantic, Florin Church of the Brethren – Mount Joy, Grace E.C. – Akron, Grace Lutheran – Macungie, Manor Presbyterian – Cochranville, Midway COB – Lebanon, St. Philips in the Fields – Episcopal, Timberlake UMC – Lynchburg VA, Hinkletown Mennonite- Ephrata. 

At the Hilltop site we have over half of our crew working for the week.  Hilltop is the site where new houses are being constructed for low-income families.  Some of the jobs include mowing, weed eating, roofing, painting, plumbing, framing, installing windows/staircase, and flooring.  One of the sites at Hilltop is currently occupied by a homeowner who told us she was quite surprised by our arrival Monday morning.  She told us that she wasn’t expecting work to be done and she was woken up by the crew getting on her roof at 8 a.m. that morning.  She was thrilled by their arrival and is very thankful to have them here.  After the exhausting days on the job, and excitement from the homeowner makes everything worthwhile.

Life Builders 2009 (June 22)

Today work officially started at our job sites. Breakfast was from six thirty until seven thirty; then the groups left for their assigned jobs. We started off the day quite well, a healthy breakfast with an exciting group picture of all one hundred and eighty (give or take a few) people to follow. Everyone was here and there, busy rushing around getting their stuff ready for the work to come.

Driving around taking pictures and videos of all the work sites, I got to see almost every group at work. It was an interesting time as I watched everyone do their part in the work. They had different jobs going such as some roofing and there were people moving huge stacks of lumber up the hill to where they made new stacks. Some other work sites consisted of demolition, drywall, more demolition, and even more demolition. Yes, today, there was very much demolition going on.

Day one (Monday) has successfully come to an end. Everyone that I have talked to seemed to have a good time. Some of the groups even had a little time to get to know the home owners of the job sites they are working on. More time for getting to know them is to come. God has truly been blessing us today by allowing us to all come back to the school we are staying in safely.

With all that said, I am going to simply say goodnight. There are more blogs to come, with even way more exciting news and information than I gave!


We’re here!

In West Virginia!

Well, the first day of workcamp has finally arrived to the excitement of many.  There will be sweat, cuts & bruises, worshipping together,  getting dirty and working hard all in the name of Jesus.  We’re pretty excited for what God is going to do this summer through Christian Endeavor Lifebuilders workcamp!

Today the interns and staff were busy with last minute prep and meeting the churches we’ll work with this week.  There was also some videoing and car maintenance going on around the housing complex, so nobody really got bored.  Speaking of bored, you should see our Intern Video that we made to go over some rules of the week.  We had a little time on our hands and wanted to make the week extra special for the workcampers, so we did the rules our way.  There was effort put forth to get the message across with out being too boring.  Happy to report that the Intern Video was well received by Week 1 campers, too.

Norm, or Stormin Norman as he’s known around here, is one of the site coordinators here.  He works with Mark Oettinger and Intern Nate Cross and our other site coordinator Rich Timer.  Norm has been good so far at telling jokes to keep us at ease.  Here’s one for you, please post back with your guesses:  Why were the three inkdrops crying? ?

Looking to the future,

Intern Rebecca, Isa. 40:31